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Family Highlight


David Taylor was born in Philadelphia, PA, on November 11th.  He retired from the Military and from the USPS.  David is happily married to Donna and they are the proud parents of two young men and grandparents of five.  His hobby is conversing with positive people.  On Saturday, March 11, 2023, he was in the first class of Deacons to be installed in the VLR Ministries board. David is a mentor and encourager to young boys and he loves the Lord!   

Are you a homeless Christian?

When Jesus was preparing for crucifixion, He shared with the disciples that He was going to leave them in order to prepare an eternal home for them. He is saying the same thing to us Christians today. It is imperative to be certain that we are living a life that will honor God so that we will be able to occupy our eternal home when we leave this place. And while we are here on earth preparing to move into our eternal home, we need to unite ourselves with a body of believers, called a church. You are welcome to join us online on Sundays. We are happy to accept you into our earthly home as we make preparations to live in our eternal home. Come join us. There's no place like home! John 14:1-3

Meet Our Pastor

Rev. Vernon L. Ricks, Sr.

Rev. Vernon L. Ricks, Sr., is the Senior Pastor of VLR Ministries, Inc.  This ministry was founded on October 10, 2021, to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone in an understandable manner.  All are welcome. 

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Matthew 5:14-16 | It's Show Time
Psalm 118:24-25 | I Will Rejoice
James 5:17-18 | Prayer Works
Matthew 25:14-15,19-21  | Well Done
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